You can edit all pages in the ''source/'' directory or with the webeditor. If you use this site in an public area like your webserver and not in a secure environment on your computer or intranet, you have to get authorizised via htaccess for the JavaScript based webedit functionality.

With an attached hashtag #drf-edit (e.g /#drf-edit) or access key e, you can activating editmode on every page for the whole site. Than you will find an editbutton on the bottom of every page. To see the page without the editsection, you can hide this inside the editsection.

You can rerender all pages.

Create new pages

Call the wished URL, receive a 404 error page and and click edit. There you will get the content from drf:example as content template.

Best: create an hyperlink (e.g. in the area:navigation), click and edit.

Sidebar, menues and system pages

Edit area:navigation, area:sidebar, area:footer and drf:404error like a ''normal'' page.

Custom Style and Javascript

Edit custom client-sources (css, js) in drf:drf-custom-css and drf:drf-custom-js as "normal" pages.


Edit meta-date (like template, title, description etc) on each page after the #meta#-line or for the site on meta.

More documentation on drfrederson wiki.